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Migrating to Cloud is a key enabler of digital transformation providing agility and access to organizations. However, it comes with threats spawning from Cloud migration, Cloud infrastructure and the rapid change. Propelex Cloud security service starts from assessment of your current roadmap to building, maintaining and ensuring a secure platform.

Common Challenges

In-House Security Skills

Lack of staff with skills to manage security for cloud infrastructure and applications.

API Security Settings

Misconfigurations of cloud and API security settings.

Cloud Applications

Cloud applications being provisioned outside of core IT visibility.

Attack Risk

Advanced threats and attacks against the cloud application provider.

Insufficient Resoruces

Insufficient resources to maintain regulatory compliance.

Our Solution

Our team of cloud security experts will help you identify and mitigate security issues and risk in your cloud platform. We will help you identify, manage, and control overall security architecture including data breaches control, misconfigurations, change control, identity, and access management, API management, insider threat, and cloud usage visibility.

Our Approach

Cloud Security Platform Approach

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