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We become your eyes and shield!
Managed Security Services
We become your eyes and shield!
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The threat to data security is increasing, and regulators and customers require assurance that the safeguards are in place to protect against their most valuable assets. Using Managed Security Services, Propelex aims to create a strong partnership with its customers. We are obsessed with delivering effective protection without complexity across your on-premise and hybrid/public cloud environments. Our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solutions combine security experts and technologies to deliver security outcomes that are important to you.


Improve security posture, reduced attack surface and risk of data breach

Quickly identify and understand the state of compliance without hiring new staff

Availability of audit-ready reporting that helps IT staff stay one step ahead of requirements, mandates and auditors

Multidimensional advice and remediation steps from security experts

Streamline governance processes, and compliance controls built directly into IT processes

Build trust with stakeholders and customers by providing


Reduce the time to resolution for identified threats and free up bandwidth for your internal security team to focus on other projects. Our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) protection comes with flexibility to choose the most appropriate level of protection for each of your assets to ensure you have the right coverage and achieve the desired security outcome at the best possible cost for your business.

  1. # Real-time security monitoring of networks and logs
  2. # Analytics engine to find potential threats
  3. # 24×7 response to incidents and attacks
  1. # Human analysis with certified security experts
  2. # Audit and compliance reporting
  3. # Security remediation from certified security experts



The Essentials plan delivers cost effective asset discovery, vulnerability and configuration scanning and endpoint detection & response.

Endpoint protection prevents multiple attack techniques that try to compromise your endpoints. The multi-vector attack monitoring and isolation recognizes these techniques and stops them early before any damage is done. Using the dashboards, customers can rapidly see relevant information that allows targeted analysis and response.

The use of signature-less machine learning places you to stay ahead of attackers and zero-day attacks, identifying malicious techniques and ransomware in real-time and isolating the payload.


For mission critical and high-risk assets, MDR Professional delivers 24/7 threat detection and incident management with a 15-minute triage SLA and MDR Concierge support. The SOC is staffed by over 150 experts in security and IT disciplines bringing decades of experience.

Powered by machine learning and advanced analytics, the platform, combined with our expertise, takes broad data ingestion and sifts through the data so you don’t have to.

Continuous vulnerability scanning provides a view of exposure across all your cloud, hybrid and on-premises systems. Through the dashboards rapidly see relevant information that allows targeted response and analysis of those things that affect your security posture.


An extension of your staff, the veteran designated security expert focuses on your security and business requirements and provides in-depth individualized evaluation, protection & customized response services, leveraging the MDR Professional Service.

Your assigned security expert performs proactive recurring security reviews and attends weekly meetings with your IT and security team to learn, understand and advise on what is critical to your business.

Depending on your needs, you will benefit from periodic on-site training and advice from your security expert, providing valuable insights into projects and strategy to strengthen your security programs.


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