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technology roadmaps using Enterprise Architecture
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Enterprise Architecture

The role of Enterprise Architecture has never been more important as we seek to understand and manage the components and structure of business that drive the digital world.

The universe is architectured in such a way that every entity operates in a harmonized manner. Similarly, a good architecture of an enterprise has an organized structure of business and technology components that optimize the function, performance, cost and overall structure of the business roadmap leading towards its vision.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

Credits: Gerben Wierda

Enterprise Challenges

How do we best organize our business and integrate all functions?

How do we align technology, people and operations to achieve our vision?

How do we utilize technology to achieve optimal performance?

How do we remove the silo structures in our organization?

What parts of the organization should I focus on that bring the most business value?

Our Capabilites

Business Architecture

Business Architecture

Effective Business Architecture demonstrates the business value of technology architecture and provides the roadmap to achieve business goals.

With Propelex’s experts, you receive sound insight and advice on how the right architecture can be a foundation for your business success.

Whether you are starting out, transitioning through change or expansion, or integrating new products and services, we work to develop overarching frameworks and roadmaps that align IT with business needs and company goals.

  • Leverage strategic value
  • Align business and technology
  • Propel digital change

Data Architecture

Data Architecture

Where does the use of data fit into the company’s business and technology roadmap? Is your data up to date and connected and does it allow you to make smart decisions?

A solid data architecture is a blueprint to align data with business strategy. Our approach includes assessments, audits, advisory services and project implementations. We help transform your data to provide key management insights and manage data from initial capture through to end user consumption.

  • Establish a structure to implement data governance
  • Enforce security and privacy
  • Better understand your data
  • Assessments and audits

Application Architecture

Application Architecture

As applications grow more complex, users are demanding higher performance and businesses require more agility and scalability to support rapid change.

Propelex ensures that your application follows best practices software design through a comprehensive evaluation to ensure a robust, highly available and scalable IT infrastructure and technology ecosystem. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of application workflows, version control, continuous integration and work task management systems.

  • Architecture audit
  • Independent review
  • Critical flaw analysis

Technology Architecture

Technology Architecture

Businesses need a complete technology plan to support all of your future products and applications. Rewiring and rebuilding technology architecture is expensive and time consuming. Early planning will help with making early decisions for long term success.

We work to develop a deep understanding of your existing infrastructure and development plans and provide you with a customized technology blueprint to allow scalability, reduced costs and increase performance.

  • Customized blueprints
  • Built for business growth
  • Technology matched to business needs

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Our approach to enterprise architecture involves firstly conducting a comprehensive gap analysis to determine the current and future state of your business and technology functions. During this stage, any existing and potential bottlenecks are identified.

We then assess for missing resources and structures and advise you on the best practice tools and strategies to fill the gap and achieve your business and technology goals.

  • Identify improvements to existing systems
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Recommend actions and additional resource requirements

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Our team of qualified experts take a pragmatic and collaborative approach to managing risk in your business.

Firstly we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment based on the key areas of your business. Together we then prioritize the risks and develop mitigation strategies for each key that include implementing the right technology, infrastructure, controls and governance.

  • Independent third party recommendations
  • Benchmarking against best practice
  • Qualified auditors

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