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Digital Transformation Strategy

It all starts with asking the right questions: Which direction should our firm go? What actions should we be taking? How can we set up a system that continually measures and evaluates success? When is the right time to change direction?

Let us Propel your business forward by helping you address some of the common strategic challenges associated with digital transformation

Digital Transformation Challenges

Is our strategic direction clearly defined and how is everyone contributing to this?

What does success look like and how do we measure it?

How do we best engage employees and create a line of sight to business strategy?

Which areas need to be prioritized?

How do we simplify the budgeting process to ensure it is more accurate?

Propelex helps facilitate the strategic business planning and transformational process. With over 50 years of blue-chip industry experience, we are fluent in the best practices and techniques to develop and implement these plans.

Our Capabilites

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Transformation Roadmap

In today’s world, organizations require a digital strategy that is in sync with the overall business goals. As a senior technology professional, it is expected that you are intimately aware of the overall business needs and can create an overarching digital strategy that integrates with and supports business goals. An effective strategy will increase business efficiency, grows sales and reduce costs, mitigate risks and maximize ROI on technology investments.

We deliver a wide range of capabilities within this area:

  • Digital strategy program development
  • Bring innovative thinking, experience and disciplined focus
  • Assess your current program and develop a roadmap to mature your digital initiatives
  • Organizational assessments and improvement plans, including digital initiative
  • Improvement projects such as restructuring and systems implementation

Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

Financial Forecasting and Budgeting (FFB) are critical financial systems and processes, accounting and financial budgeting activities that when used effectively, give you a competitive advantage and power you to make smarter business decisions.

These systems help you to gain a deeper understanding of your business and harness value creation. We help you move from tracking and reporting to making change happen and driving business improvement.

  • Move from reporting costs to manage cost
  • Move from reporting results to increasing result

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Many companies recruit people without a plan to train them and without a process to align tactical duties with business strategy. When results are not realized, companies often restructure operations without setting new objectives and a plan to move everyone in the same direction.

The best performing organizations are those with highly skilled and highly motivated employees. Are you systematically growing the skills and contribution of your people? Does your best talent have a clearly mapped career pathway?

Propelex has a proprietary four-step approach to extracting talent and developing your most important asset – your people:

Optimize Organizational Design

  • Design organization structure in line with business priorities
  • Optimize employee cost structure
  • Optimize management spans and layers
  • Optimize approval and decision making process

Build Core Skills

  • Develop technical, regulatory and soft skills
  • Facilitate training on most in- demand skills

Career Development

  • Develop a career tool
  • Map careers with skills
  • Link careers to management tree

Talent Management

  • Develop a talent management program that identifies top talents and opportunities
  • Develop individual succession plans for high potential employees
  • Calibrate training with talent needs.

Process Management

Process Management

Are your company’s processes understood and clearly documented? Do you know where you can eliminate waste? Do you know where your bottlenecks are in the approval process?

Propelex specializes in helping clients understand and improve their business processes to either eliminate, simplify, standardize, automate, streamline or digitize effort. We take a holistic approach of analyzing all three dimensions of your business process, technology and organizational design. Together we identify and review improvement opportunities for your unique critical success factors

  • Ensure your internal controls are efficient
  • Best practice business processes and reduced cycle times for project completion
  • Standardized document control
  • Streamlined business approach

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