DigiCert Unveils Trust Lifecycle Manager

June 1, 2023

DigiCert is the leading global provider of high-assurance digital certificates that simplify SSL/TLS and PKI for web and IoT identity assurance, authentication, and encryption. Their trusted solutions are used by leading e-commerce companies, government agencies, financial institutions, educational institutions and medical facilities around the world.

DigiCert Trust Lifecyle Manager simplifies certificate management and cuts costs. It enables enterprises to quickly deploy and manage certificates.

Unified Certificate Management

DigiCert digital certificates are trusted by a vast number of businesses, such as leading e-commerce retailers, government entities, financial institutions, education facilities and healthcare providers. These organizations rely on DigiCert to keep their online presence and transactions secure which in turn protects their customers’ data and reputations.

Before issuing a certificate, DigiCert first verifies the organization and domain that will receive it. This validation includes organization, contact and domain verification. To save time, pre-validation can be performed for some of these entities and domains. Once validation is complete, certificate issuance and renewals can take place almost instantly after.

DigiCert has been in business for two decades and is widely considered one of the top certificate authorities (CAs) worldwide. It provides a range of SSL products and solutions tailored to various industries and applications.

DigiCert boasts an award-winning customer support team to answer all your queries regarding SSL and digital certificates. They boast some of the fastest issuance times in the industry, as well as a commitment to providing an excellent user experience.

DigiCert’s Trust Lifecycle Manager will offer customers and partners centralized control of digital certificates. Through it, administrators can monitor, inspect, reissue, revoke or renew SSL certificates from one dashboard – increasing efficiency while cutting IT costs while decreasing administrative overhead.

CertCentral will also offer full automation of the TLS certificate lifecycle, from provisioning to discovery and renewal. This upgrade underscores their dedication to giving customers and partners tools that facilitate more efficient management of their certificates at scale.

DigiCert will continue to innovate and develop new offerings for the market through CertCentral. The company’s investment in PKI modernization will enable scalable, fast, and dependable trust services for an ever-increasing number of online security use cases.

DigiCert’s CertCentral platform was launched with the goal of migrating customers and partners away from multiple legacy Symantec enterprise, retail and partner TLS consoles to its award-winning CertCentral. This consolidation will enhance user experience while consolidating PKI operations – freeing resources to focus on innovation in customer-facing as well as back-end solutions.

PKI Services

DigiCert recently unveiled their Trust Lifecycle Manager, providing centralized control of digital certificates and protecting all stages of the certificate lifecycle from one platform. This comprehensive suite of capabilities can be deployed either on-premises or as a cloud service and boasts features like single sign-on options, powerful RESTful APIs, and extensive role management to facilitate various workflows.

The Trust Lifecyle Manager can be configured for all types of certificate issuance, including EV and OV SSL certificates. Furthermore, it offers an extensive suite of security and identity management features designed to safeguard users, websites and connected IoT devices against cyberattacks.

DigiCert Trust Lifecyle Manager boasts the unique capability to pre-validate domains and organizations within an organization’s network before issuing or renewing certificates. This helps reduce time spent on getting certificates issued and renewed, speeding up your overall certificate lifecycle process.

Trust Lifecyle Manager provides a suite of tools to simplify the creation and distribution of certificates to mobile devices. It integrates with mobile device management (MDM) platforms like Airwatch or Jamf, enabling easy provisioning of user-specific certificates on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Users are now able to quickly and easily access applications and data on their devices with minimal hassle. Furthermore, updating certificates is as simple as clicking a button – helping reduce password reset requests and fatigue among password managers.

Furthermore, Trust Lifecyle Manager is fully compatible with the most recent versions of iOS and Android, ensuring all users have access to up-to-date certificates.

Another key feature of DigiCert Trust Lifecyle Management is the automated renewal of certificates. This feature proves invaluable for enterprises, as it saves them the hassle of having to manually renew certificates after they expire.

In order to activate a Certificate Profile in DigiCert Trust Lifecyle Manage, you must first create an Apple or Android test mode profile and SCEP enrollment policy for either the root CA or any intermediate certificates. Once testing is complete, you can move these credentials into production mode using Groups.

Identity & Authentication

DigiCert’s cloud-based certificate management platform, CertCentral, provides organizations with a centralized hub to monitor, inspect, reissue, revoke, renew and order new SSL certificates. This makes IT admins’ lives much simpler by increasing efficiency and decreasing IT expenses.

CertCentral’s interface is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual entry or coding. This enables administrators to monitor and audit all their SSL certificate lifecycle processes from a central location, guaranteeing compliance, reducing human error and shortening time spent on tasks that affect security and business operations.

DigiCert’s Trust Lifecycle Manager allows users to centralized manage all digital certificates, including OV and EV TLS/SSL, Private SSL, Code Signing, and Document Signing. This reduces the cost and time associated with managing certificate issuance, renewals, inspections across an organization while increasing IT infrastructure security by lowering risks.

Before issuing a certificate, it must go through an extensive validation process. This involves identifying the organization and verifying they are legitimate; additionally, it checks the domain name to guarantee its legitimacy as an established and trusted domain. Prevalidating these domains and organizations ahead of time ensures fast issuance and renewals for these clients will be seamless processes.

To begin the process, link your Key Manager Plus and CertCentral accounts together using an API key. Afterwards, you can order DigiCert SSL/TLS certificates directly from Key Manager Plus by navigating to SSL >> DigiCert in the interface and clicking Order Certificate. In this window you will have complete control over product validity, signature algorithm length, keystore type, server platform type, payment method and organization.

You can customize the certificate’s expiry date and have it automatically renewed when its validity period ends. Furthermore, Key Manager Plus allows you to track each certificate order’s status by navigating to SSL in the top menu and clicking “Check Validation Status.”

DigiCert Managed PKI is an intuitive tool that empowers IT admins to generate user-specific certificates and distribute them to devices for improved app and data security. It integrates with Mobile Device Manager Plus (MDM), providing organizations with password-less authentication on users’ mobile devices – reducing password reset requests and fatigue from having to manage multiple passwords.

Automation & Integration

DigiCert recently unveiled Trust Lifecyle Manager, providing administrators with one-stop control of digital certificates throughout their lifecycle. This centralized management allows administrators to monitor, inspect, reissue, revoke, renew and order new SSL certificates quickly and easily from one place – eliminating manual certificate tracking while optimizing network infrastructure performance.

Through Trust Lifecyle Manager, CertCentral and Key Manager Plus integration, organizations can automate certificate management from a centralized platform to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. By enabling businesses to handle high-volume TLS/SSL certificate requests for multiple users in a fraction of the time, administrators are freed up to focus on more pressing matters.

To begin using Key Manager Plus for certificate management, the initial step is to install it on your web server and enable integration with DigiCert signing authority. After that is completed, you can import existing orders, create new ones, request and provision certificates as well as deploy and renew them directly from Key Manager Plus.

When creating a certificate for a domain, you can expedite the certification process by pre-validating it. Once this step is taken, future certificate issuance and renewal for that domain can be done quickly.

Before issuing a Certificate, it must go through an extensive validation process that includes organization and domain verification. This helps guarantee the certificate is issued to the correct company, providing security and trust within an existing network.

Once the validation process is complete, DigiCert issues a Certificate to the organization and gives them the option of accepting or rejecting it. If they choose not to accept, the certificate is returned for revalidation.

Once an organization is accepted by DigiCert, a new certificate for them is generated and an associated record in DigiCert contains all of its details. This record can be used by any application within DigiCert to validate whether the certificate is valid and validate the organization against public CAs.

Security is paramount, so a client authentication certificate is necessary to establish a connection and authenticate with DigiCert’s Software Trust Manager. This cert helps guarantee that only authorized personnel can access the portal and utilize its client tools.

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