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Cost effective and robust DevOps-as-a-Service solutions, keeping customer experience as the core of our service. Our team of industry veterans understand the challenges of establishing, migrating and maintaining DevOps pipeline.

DevOps Challenges

Build unified Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment process.  Pick tools that align with existing applications and business processes

Integrate your development and deployment processes with end-to-end security, centralized logging & monitoring, and automated software provisioning

Transform legacy monolithic application to microservices and API based environment which is robust, testable and deployable frequently

Use Infrastructure-as-a-Code to recreate and replicate the similar infrastructure flexibly from scratch whenever needed

Solutions and Services


DevOps-as-a-Service model allows you to optimize cost, augment your team, and transfers the accountability of building and optimizing the complete CI/CD operations to our experts. Keeping security as part of the design and using design thinking, our engineers help you to combine development and operations and into your business processes.

CI/CD Build and Optimization

We can help your architect solutions to ensure DevOps are built into the foundation of your business infrastructure. Tap into our extensive experience to setup and optimize infrastructure, build CI/CD integration, develop application monitoring, and containerization.

  • Establishing CI/CD Pipeline
  • Container Orchestration
  • Environment Management
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • DevSecOps
  • Migrating from Monolithic Application to Microservice & API architecture
  • Automated Testing (end-to-end)
  • Training and Support

Supported Tools

Case Studies

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