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Data Management Solutions

Make smart decisions using information resources in a way that makes your data work for you. Our experts provide comprehensive solutions, procedures and training to help you plan, monitor and control data and build meaningful information for reporting and analytical solutions.

Today’s companies thrive on information. With our proven experience in advising on and implementing effective data management solutions, Propelex helps you to capitalize on rising technology to extract, maintain and integrate data in line with business needs.

Data Management Challenges

How do I manage my data and information resources?

How do I use data to make the best business decisions?

How do I control data access and protect my organization against data breeches?

How to improve data quality and which tools and processes to deploy?

Our Capabilites

Data Management Strategy & Roadmap

Data Management Strategy & Roadmap

A strong roadmap is essential to becoming a data-driven organization . Our aim is to make sure that your decision makers have accurate, timely and meaningful information to make smart business decisions.

We understand the changes your business will face when it comes to data and we work to develop long term fits by establishing business-aligned data frameworks and architecture. We ensure your data has cross functional analysis capabilities and connects data points across multiple streams.

  • Data management maturity assessment
  • Action Plan strategies to integrate people, process and technology
  • Benchmarking to measure and track progress
  • Strong strategic roadmap to achieve desired goals

Data Governance

Data Governance

Governance doesn’t have to be complex but it does involve cultural change within your organization. Propelex works collaboratively to ensure the accuracy, consistency, usability and security of your data and generate support from leaders and key decision makers.

We help you to evolve your business by creating an ongoing process to oversee and align data-based policies, communication, process and technology with business goals. Our approach to data governance goes beyond compliance to using data to mitigate risk and drive business analysis.

  • Understand the analytics maturity of your organization
  • Prioritize analytics and optimization initiative

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

An effective data warehouse integrates data from multiple touch points into a single repository of meaningful business information. Our experts deliver a design that’s flexible and responsive to your business needs.

Data quality is the most important feature of a data warehouse. A good data warehouse will allow your business to scale without jeopardizing the integrity of its data. Our experience tells us that it is important to start small and Propelex delivers quality-designed data warehouses that are maintainable and resilient.

  • Data warehouse design
  • Data warehouse support
  • Data warehouse audit

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Obtain critical business insights for effective and timely analysis and data-driven decisions.

Propelex delivers BI solutions for any industry from manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and more. Our tailored solutions provide powerful business insights that any user can understand and a range of tools including real time performance dashboards, reports and data visualizations.

  • Customized BI architecture solutions
  • Deliver of insights
  • Cutting edge technology

Data Operations Management

Data Operations Management

As a responsible business owner it must be your goal to ensure data is protected by having a secure data management system in place. We ensure overall data governance for corporate and regulatory compliance by designing, implementing and maintaining data management processes.

Our experts will help you to consolidate the control of data sources including business processes and applications to ensure policy measures are in place and they meet corporate and regulatory requirements.

  • Consolidate control of data
  • Improve data quality through identifying new data relationships
  • Ensure optimal compliance and data governance

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