Compliance & Privacy

Remove the guesswork around corporate and regulatory compliance

We understand how difficult it is to keep up with the complex and ever evolving compliance landscape. Our compliance and privacy industry veterans use business aligned approach to formulate and foster your compliance and privacy program. We go beyond compliance, benchmarking against best frameworks to accelerate the maturity of your security program.

Common Challenges

Risk Mitigation

Identifying and mitigating compliance and privacy risks, liability, and potential reputational damage.

Regulatory Requirements

Adhere to growing regulatory compliance needs. 

Resource Scarcity

Lack of resources in meeting regulatory compliance.

Be Prepared & Keep Ahead

Keep ahead of all the regulatory changes in the privacy area on a global level and in a cost effective manner

Monitor and Validate Privacy Program

Ongoing monitoring and testing of the privacy program, including monitoring and tracking of regulatory change.

Assessment & Remediation Services

Our privacy, compliance, and security experts will tailor solutions that match your unique business goals and culture. We go beyond compliance, benchmarking against best practice frameworks to accelerate the maturity of your security programs.

Fisma Compliance
ISO 27001
PCI DSS Compliant

Our Approach

Compliance Approach

Case Studies

EdTech Company – Compliance & Privacy

An education technology (EdTech) institution required an enhanced level of support to maintain privacy and compliance with evolving regulatory requirements…

Healthcare Payor – Compliance & Privacy

Maintaining compliance across a chaotic security environment is always daunting. The Client chose HITRUST as a standard and requested Propelex to help the them identify gaps and achieve certification…

Drone Tech Startup – Compliance & Privacy

Business opportunities in new markets meant a drone technology startup needed to elevate its compliance standards. Propelex helped the client to implement an enhanced compliance solution, one founded on a privacy by design framework…

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