Penetration Testing

Discover before attackers uncover

Propelex provides Red Team penetration testing services that combine manual, security expert-led operations with automated tools and technologies. Our best-of-both-worlds methodology generates outstanding insights and supports delivery of required security outcomes.

Common Challenges

Security Awareness

Discover the hidden security flaws, control gaps, and configuration loopholes that can compromise your network systems, cloud, web and mobile applications.

Security Vulnerabilities

Have a detailed analysis and report on specific security vulnerabilities.

High-Level Damage

Show how the exploitation of vulnerabilities could lead to damage at higher levels.

Meet Compliance Standards

Achieve compliance with government regulations, control frameworks and certification requirements.

Our Solutions

Application & Mobile Penetration

Network Penetration Testing

Application & Mobile Penetration

Application & Mobile Penetration Testing


Error Code Analysis | App Enumeration | Fingerprinting

Session Management

Cross Site Request | Session Timeout | Cookie Management

Configuration Management

Database Listeners | File Extension Handling

Denial of Service

Request Flood


Brute Force | User Enumeration | TLS


Privilege | Escalation | Bypassing Auth

Data Input Validation

SQL Injection | Cross Site Scripting | Server Side Injection


Fuzzing | Replay Testing

Application & Mobile Penetration

Physical Penetration Testing

Situation Awareness
Physical Barriers
Social Engineering
Camera & Sensors
Doors & Locks
Application & Mobile Penetration

Cloud Penetration Testing

Internal Cloud Network & Systems
External Cloud Services
Configuration Reviews
Privileged Access Control
Hosting Services (Application, Serverless Hosting, File Storage)

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Our Approach

Penetration Testing Approach

Identify organization’s exploitable security vulnerabilities through a systematic process. Understand overall health of your network, application, mobile, cloud & physical controls.

Risk Rating Methodology

Threat Agent Factors

Skill Level

Technical Impact Factors

Loss of Confidentiality
Loss of Integrity
Loss of Avalability
Loss of Accountability

Vulnerability Factors

Ease of Discovery
Ease of Exploit
Intrusion Detection


Financial Damage
Reputation Damage
Privacy Violation

Case Studies

The healthcare insurance provider partnered with Propelex to assess and validate the security for their private cloud, Salesforce, and on-prem infrastructure security…

Technology startup in the field of Robotic Process Automation partnered with Propelex to assess and secure AWS infrastructure, Apps, Website, IoTs, and SCADA network…

Using Propelex’s Red Team pen-testing and remediation services, how a Healthcare administrator was able to discover and mitigate cybersecurity risks…

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