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In today’s worlds access to enterprise resources must be maintained on a 24/7 basis. Without proper planning, any interruptions due to natural disasters, cyber threats, or power outages can have devastating effects on your organization. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution and experts will help you strategize and plan against unforeseen disruptive events.

Common Challenges

Business Readiness for a Disaster

Maintaining constant state of readiness to respond to disaster

Recovery Process

Identify critical processes for recovery

BCDR Resource Turnover

Employee turnover leading to loss of knowledge and standard operating procedures

Stakeholder Coordination

Coordination with internal and external stakeholders

Our Solution

Our SaaS based solution includes features which automates and manages your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program.

Business Impact

Business Impact Analysis


BC + ITDR Planning

Survey Vendor Risk

Surveying + Vendor Risk

Business Impact

Risk Assessment


Recovery Task Scheduling

Survey Vendor Risk

Automated Exercise

Business Impact

Automated Reporting


Autoamted Dependency Mapping

Survey Vendor Risk

Corrective Actions Tracking

Business Impact

Compliance Management


Live Incident Management

Survey Vendor Risk

Emergency Notifications

Our Approach

Disaster Recovery Approach

Business Continuity Impact Analysis

Analyze determine how much downtime is acceptable and helps prioritize your key business processes and update plan.

Backup Plan

Determine business recovery strategies by evaluating organizations people, processes, technology, and partnerships.


The business continuity and disaster recovery plan is rigorously tested to ensure all the stakeholders, resources, and technology is working as desired.

Recover & Maintain

Recover your key business processes in case of a disaster and update your plan with lessons learned.

Case Studies

Securing EdTech Operations

A case study about protecting students, instructors and education organizations in a critically active online learning environment using Propelex’s BCDR services…

Protecting Healthcare Company

Securing healthcare insurance company operations, improving patient data protection and better compliance, thanks to enhanced continuity & disaster recovery solutions…

Mitigate Risk at RPA Startup

How Propelex helped the RPA startup mitigate critical risk in infrastructure and operations with robust Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services and solutions…

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