AIOPS From Palo Alto Networks and Indeni

December 29, 2022

If you are looking for a new solution for your company’s network security, you may want to investigate AIOPS from Palo Alto Networks and Indeni. With a predictive NGFW and SD-WAN solution, you can protect your business from the threats that attack it everyday. You can also use Indeni’s automated troubleshooting tools for root cause analysis. These tools help to speed up problem resolution and decrease downtime.

Predictive SD-WAN solution

When it comes to software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), predictive solutions are essential to achieve desired outcomes. These tools can identify problems and anomalies, which helps in ensuring better network performance.

The SD-WAN architecture separates control and management functions, enabling more flexibility in the enterprise. It also designed to help organizations connect with cloud infrastructure remotely. The technology is based on machine learning, which helps in identifying data and making sense of it.

SD-WAN offers a range of benefits, including improved operational efficiency and reduced complexity. It also delivers greater application performance. The platform supports end-to-end encryption over the entire network, enabling enterprises to connect to cloud, IoT devices, and mobile applications. The solution also simplifies administration.

Palo Alto Networks is a company that focuses on businesses of all sizes. Its product strategy matches with today’s business needs, incorporating machine learning and cloud-delivered security. It has more than 2,500 SD-WAN clients.

Predictive NGFW solution

Palo Alto Networks offers a predictive NGFW solution that extends visibility to IoT devices. It uses machine learning to analyze telemetry data to detect and block threats. This enables administrators to proactively prevent new threats, even before they detected.

AIOps for NGFW delivers predictive analytics and helps security teams address the most pressing operational challenges. It optimizes firewall configurations, minimizes downtime, and resolves problems before they impact business. It also identifies security gaps and proactively solves them.

AIOps for NGFW powered by machine learning, which enables administrators to automate security operations. It is available in three tiers. The free tier provides basic AIOps for NGFW with no license. The premium tier provides Premium AIOps for NGFW and requires a license.

Palo Alto Networks’ ML-Powered NGFW provides a cloud-native, automated approach to protecting IoT devices. It combines data from millions of connected devices and recommends policies that allow each device to behave safely. It also analyzes metadata to determine the risk of each device. In addition, It blocks new malware variants and protects against unknown zero-day attacks.

Support for Prisma SD-WAN

Palo Alto Networks has stepped up their AIOps game with the release of Prisma SD-WAN. The solution, which uses a software-defined approach to managing wide area networks, allows enterprises to simplify network operations while providing complete visibility into end-to-end application performance. This solution helps organizations reduce their total cost of ownership and increase security outcomes.

Prisma SD-WAN includes a cloud-delivered service, enabling enterprises to benefit from automation and observability across their entire WAN. It also eliminates the complexity of traditional routing configurations, allowing for automatic prioritization and troubleshooting. In addition, the software-defined solution provides a full range of bandwidth license options, from 250 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps. It is available for data centers and branch offices.

Prisma SD-WAN enables enterprises to easily deploy, configure, and manage their ION devices. They can also access and define applications, monitor end-end application performance, and view statistics about their networks. It built on a cloud-native architecture, removing the need for additional servers, and enabling a single, integrated SASE portal.

Indeni automated troubleshooting for root cause analysis

Indeni, a leading security infrastructure automation company, has a new tool to help IT administrators manage complex networks. The Indeni combines Dynamic Knowledge with automation to give IT admins unmatched network visibility, preempting dormant issues before they disrupt operations.

The Indeni system analyzes log data, configurations, and other critical information from a wide range of enterprise, public, and private sources. Indeni then provides comprehensive root cause analysis and remediation recommendations. It identifies issues and misconfigurations before they occur, preempting firefighting and lost weekends.

Indeni’s root cause analysis identifies the source of technology issues. It also prevents the same issue from occurring again. In addition, it increases employee productivity and reduces operational costs.

Indeni used by leading enterprises around the world. Its solution is available on physical, virtual, and cloud devices. It can even integrate with existing processes. The system works on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Indeni is an advanced network monitoring solution that delivers unprecedented visibility, unmatched control, and certified automation. It helps IT admins manage rapidly evolving networks, improve the speed and agility of security, and ensure high availability assurance.

Finished: AIOPS from Palo Alto Networks and Indeni

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